First there was a House. She had been alone for a long time, but by no means lonely, when Beba and Hana came past. Maybe she called them. They entered the large secret garden and embraced the tall trees, some taller than the House. A melody full of their visions came in from somewhere, nestled among the tall branches, fell like dew on the meadow, addressed the birds and squirrels. It seemed like their dreams were being encouraged at that moment to become reality. That is how Villa Muzika was created many years ago.

Yes, the visions have come true, and new ones are still emerging. Villa Muzika is such a project. We write blogs, articles and books, we cook, knead bread, do gardening, rent apartments and space for groups, we are in favour of waste-free projects, organic farming and plant-based nutrition. 

What do we do at Villa Muzika?

At Muzika, we create a place where many have found a home, where they return on holiday, organise yoga and meditation workshops and socialise with us.

At Muzika the stories write themselves, in the kitchen, in the bakery, in the garden, during a chat and in a dream. We love sharing vegan recipes and our experiences.

We have always baked bread ourselves because we love to eat it. Good bread satisfies, inspires and calms you. Organic cereals, homemade yeast (sourdough), the brick oven and the magical hands of Hana the baker. 

The most famous Indian recipes in stories and vegan desserts

The vegan menu almost always loses points when it comes to desserts. Is it possible to bake a really good cake, pie, biscuits, without butter and eggs? That was our challenge. One summer we tried to exhaustion and collected the lucky recipes in the book: Something Sweet; by season, for bigger holidays, with organic ingredients, purely basic desserts and those for more skilled chefs. 

Our travel culinary stories from India can be found in the Turmeric and Vanilla book. The recipes are mostly adapted to everyday cuisine, and the real pearls are the classic dishes, even if you just flip through and read them on your lap. Both books have been translated into English.

Recipes and #zerowaste life hacks (aka blog)

Books you shouldn’t miss

A travel book about India, with great vegan recipes from the story.

A little more than the usual book of vegan desserts, which in addition to traditional recipes also takes care of the atmosphere with short anecdotes.

Delivery bakery

Mark your favorite bread or curiously choose one you don’t know yet. Our baking evolved from simple wholemeal spelt bread from a sample, to homemade sourdough and a real brick oven. Today, all our breads rise slowly through fermentation. Some grains are ground on a regular basis, and all are organic and local.