Feldenkrais days with Michael Boesch

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The workshop goes from thursday 29.September (18.00) to sunday 02. October (12.00 am) individual sessions can be booked seperately monday to wednesday (26.- 29.Sept) lessons will be in the morning and in the afternoon, there wil be enough time for healthy food, a sound sleep, a book, a walk, … or just look out to the sea.

feldenkrais – method®

the feldenkrais system is a somatic educational system designed by moshé feldenkrais (1904–1984) it aims to modify and improve movement patterns in order to reduce pain or limitations, the system offers two different technics: the individual session is designed around the particular habits and needs of the student at the very moment, she/he will stand and walk or sit and lie on a low table, while the teacher will guide the movements through gentle touch, in group lessons the voice of the teacher guides the students through different series of movements that promote a relaxed yet focused state, a non- judgmental atmosphere allows people of all ages and abilities to learn at their own pace.