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    We are responsible for everything at Villa Muzika

    that the hens are happy, the dogs are in good spirits, and that the cats are purring. Once upon a time we came, supposedly by accident, and others then did, fascinated by the magical space. From morning to evening we weave threads of wisdom from the past to the present, learn to live with as little waste as possible, and believe in all that is good. In Villa Muzika, it often smells of creativity, just baked bread from the brick oven, medicinal thyme from the garden, Indian spices, and a sweet vegan baked batch. We cook and write recipes, publish and write cookery and travel books. Indeed we also run the “Nova Šola” school of natural healing. 

    The way to Villa Muzika

    Villa Muzika is located in the western part of Istria in the village of Bašanija, near Savudrija. It is about a 20-minute drive from the border crossing with Slovenia at Sečovlje. 

    You have arrived at Villa Muzika. Welcome!