Where can you find us?

Villa Muzika is situated in the western part of Istria in Bašanija village near Savudrija. It is about 20 minutes’ drive away from the Sečovlje border crossing. To better understand how to arrive to villa Muzika check the maps bellow. The numbers mark the points where you need to be careful, so that you don’t miss the right way.

The description is given for the trip from Koper to villa Muzika.

Drive along the Koper by-pass past Izola, Strunjan, Lucija, and Sečovlje saline water area across the border with Croatia (1). Soon after crossing the border you arrive at the crossroads where you take the second exit in the direction of Buje. When you reach a small petrol station (2), you immediately turn right towards Umag. At the next crossroads (3) turn right in direction of Savudrija (you will see a big board with the picture of Savudrija light-house. Continue driving for about 15 minutes past smaller villages until you arrive at Bašanija. Just before Bašanija (4) you will see a petrol station on the left and a road for old Savudrija on the right. Continue driving straight on (the right road would take you to the light-house) and you arrive in the center of Bašanija. There you see a post-office on the left and the Sirena tourist office on the right – across this office you see a restaurant. Turn right here! (If you see a big blue restaurant on your left, Big blue bar, then you went too far. If you reached the place called Zambratija, you are already out of Bašanija and you should turn back.) When you turn right in the center of Bašanija, you follow the relatively narrow road along the houses which takes you towards the sea. The distances here are very small. On the left you will see fields, on the right some more modern houses. At the big blue board Zatišje turn left and proceed along this asphalted street till you see a stone fence and the courtyard door of a big red house with the blue windows on the right (5), You will see a row of cypress trees along the fence and two big cedar trees on the right.


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Phone: 00385 91 51 56 823